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Frutta Biologica una scelta naturale

For over thirty years,
quality and innovation,
has written the history
of Rogelfrut.

storia Rogelfrut
Since 1978
we have arranged
for the ancient knowledge
of our experienced fruit growers
to meet up with the latest technology.
gelato Rogelfrut

Melon puree

Purè di fragole

the video...

Give new impetus
and creativity
to your autumn,
with Rogelfrut products

frutta surgelata Rogelfrut

the new Rogelfrut
sales packs.

nuove confezioni Rogelfrut

... practical
plastic trays.

nocciole Rogelfrut

Turn on your autumn

with Rogelfrut products

nocciola nocciola

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Crema di Lamponi e Zenzero

Chestnut Chilled dessert
with violets jelly

heat to 50°C the sucrose, glucose and water
and hydrate the gelatin in 20 g of water...

certificazioni Rogelfrut


• Italy Kosher Union
• Other international certifications